Colleen D.

All soul's unite in love peace and harmony.

Melissa B.

Trusting in the greater good of humanity gives me hope. Each one of us is capable of shaping a better world, with no act being too small.

Nicole B.

My hope is that we can put an end to domestic violence, sexual assault & child abuse.

Jillane M.

To help animal shelters. Bring blankets to homeless dogs!

Jillane M.

To provide blankets to the homeless.

Jillane M.

To give food to as many homeless people that i can.

Bethany A.

my hope is that the country will find peace and that people will learn to love each other

Andrew A.

Id like to live in a country where we eliminate homelessness and hunger within our borders and that all of our veterans get access to all the help and care they have both fought for and earned as well as deserve

Gina A.

World Peace

Amy M.

I hope that we can continue to teach children the principles of non-violence; they are our best chance to build a peaceful world.