Bridget B.

When I got a diagnosis of Uterine Cancer last December my world fell apart, but thanks to my Husband Henry and my boys Mark & Garrett and the few good friends the stuck by us, we have made through 6 chemo treatments and 28 rounds of Radiation . I will be in remission for the next 2 years but I am on the road to recovery. So to all you when you find out your friends are sick , be there for that friend a call, text or a card will do so much more then you think. To all those fighting keep fighting don't give up.

Shannon J.

My hope is that my children will live in a country where I don't have to hide them from the news and can let them play outside during the day without fear of being attacked or kidnapped. My hope is that we, as a people, become better human beings with kinder, more gentle souls.

Jeannette M.

That there be peace on earth and between all people.

Jennifer D.

My hope for the future is to walk again and to have my life companion back home.

Staci R.

I work for a Food Bank and I'm blessed everyday to see the hope that helping those in need gives them.

Shana F.

My hope is that families will be able to gather this holiday season in a safe and healthy home!

Pamelia W.

My hope for the future is that we are able to find a cure for cancer. I have stage 4 breast cancer and my family and I are fighters, we go out and talk too young woman about taking care of themselves and getting checkups. It was a very sad time in our household, but having Faith and wonderful support I'm still here and I will never give up. So I'm will continue to share my story to all that will listen. Hope is all we have for the future.

Amanda P.

That the world can let God back into our lives, home, school and government.

Tessa P.

My hope is that all survivors of sexual assault receive justice. Also the backlog of rape kits in every county in FL are ended. My hope is to be able to Thank Mariska Hargitay in person for giving Me my voice back. I am a survivor myself.

M. M.

My hope is that people stop seeing color or status and instead see what we all have in common. We are all human.