Denise O.

My hope is that we come together to eliminate sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence and end the backlog of rape kits in not only the US, but worldwide.

Jill A.

That there will be no more fear of a loved one, parent, or partner. Support those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. #Survivor

Stephanie J.

I hope for no more Domestic violence! I hope for Peace with and for everyone.

Chelsey H.

That my story of being raped and always feeling unwanted my whole life will help others feel not so alone and unwanted.

Nicole B.

I Hope for a peaceful world.

Lendon E.

I hope for a world without violence. Together - with determination - I know it's possible.

Caryn B.

I hope to reach out, speak and act in ways that help to raise awareness, empower and heal others who are suffering or feel like they are alone.

Lorie D.

Help vets with housing thru rebuilding together

Liz C.

Becoming an EC board member to Feeding America. Life long goal is the change and remodel the "homeless" shelter food. We are a community nationwide need to come together and coexist. By unity and only unity are species able to overcome obstacles. The 'hungry' population is growing and growing and nothing is being done. My dream is to create a way to coexist and serve the hungry!!

Casey J.

My hope for the future is the change the world, one mind, one child, one love at a time.