D B.

The end of prejudice!

James J.

that reason and sanity will occasionally prevail.

Michelle S.

I hope my family makes it through all of our hard medical and financial problems. Most of all I hope everyone can get along and end judging people by skin color, religion, gender and all differences.

Peggy L.


Malena L.

I hope more people start recycling.

Jennifer H.

My biggest hope is that personal responsibility comes back as a popular and important quality.

Linda A.

I hope for no more cancer!

Tina L.

To help people that can't help themselves

Linda V.

I hope that people who do wrong to others know it is never to late to make amends, or make the wrong right.

Sylvia G.

For every one to help the homeless because they need help they have no were to go no were to live.