Episode Guide

201: The Beantown Bailout Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 9 11|10c PM

Nate Ford reluctantly reassembles the team to pit the local Irish mob against a banker who is gaming a government bailout. If they survive, Nate has to deal with four thieves who've decided he needs them in his life, whether he likes it or not.

202: The Tap-out Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Mon, Oct 10 12|11c AM

When the Leverage crew tries to get a corrupt mixed martial arts promoter to invest everything he has in a fake cable television network, their con is discovered. Now, Eliot must throw a fight in order to save the day.

203: The Order 23 Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 9|8c AM

The Leverage team takes over a floor of a hospital in order to stage the outbreak of a deadly virus. They must quarantine a convicted felon and get him to reveal the location of his stolen money… or die.

204: The Fairy Godparents Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 10|9c AM

While trying to recover embezzled cash from a Madoff-like funds manager, the team finds themselves acting as unlikely fairy godparents to the mark's lovable loser stepson.

205: The Three Days Of The Hunter Job TV-PG+L (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 11|10c AM

The crew dives into the paranoid world of government conspiracies to expose a heartless tabloid newscaster as a fraud.

206: The Top Hat Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 12|11c PM

Nate and the team put on a magic show in order to infiltrate the high security at a corporation responsible for putting tainted food on the market.

207: The Two Live Crew Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 1|12c PM

The Leverage team is forced to go head-to-head against another crew of thieves in order to retrieve their clients' priceless artwork.

208: The Ice Man Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 2|1c PM

With Sophie away, Hardison plays the inside man to take down an unscrupulous diamond merchant. When he overdoes the act, the team finds itself forced to break into the most secure vault in Boston.

209: The Lost Heir Job TV-PG+V (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 3|2c PM

The Leverage team tries to stop a corrupt lawyer from taking control of his wealthy client's estate by convincing him that Parker is the man's long lost daughter.

210: The Runway Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 4|3c PM

In order to take down an oppressive sweatshop owner, the Leverage team infiltrates the fashion world.

211: The Bottle Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 5|4c PM

Team Leverage runs a high-tech version of a classic con on a predatory loan shark in order to save McRory's bar.

212: The Zanzibar Marketplace Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 6|5c PM

The team is forced to work with their old enemy, Sterling, in order to free Nate’s ex-wife Maggie from a Ukrainian jail and clear her name.

213: The Future Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 7|6c PM

The team goes after a con man masquerading as a psychic medium, who is draining the lifesavings of his bereaved clients.

214: The Three Strikes Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 8|7c PM

While trying to take down a corrupt local mayor exploiting his love of baseball, the Leverage team runs into an unexpected complication… and an old nemesis.

215: The Maltese Falcon Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sun, Oct 16 9|8c PM

Surrounded by FBI and with Sterling hot on their heels, the team decides to hide in plain sight, while continuing to take down the corrupt mayor and his gunrunning partner. Little do they suspect that Nate has a different endgame in mind for them all.