Episode Guide

101: Pilot TV-PG (60 min)

The spirit of a soldier disturbs Melinda at her wedding.

102: The Crossing TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda must reunite a child's spirit with his family before another tragedy occurs, all while coping with her mother-in-law's visit.

103: Ghost, Interrupted TV-PG (60 min)

A young girl is put into a psychiatric facility upon her strange behavior following her identical twin sister's death. While on a field trip in town, the girl runs away from her group and tries to hide in Melinda's shop. Melinda quickly realizes that this girl's 'abnormal' behavior is due to her sister haunting her. Melinda helps the two reconcile so they can both be freed.

104: Mended Hearts TV-PG (60 min)

After Jim saves the life of a woman who attempts suicide in order to be with her deceased fiancé, Melinda tries to help the fiancé cross over by finding the person who received his donated heart.

105: Lost Boys TV-PG (60 min)

Andrea and Melinda are contracted to auction furniture from a community inn before it is torn down. While cleaning the basement Melinda finds the lost spirits of three boys and their dog that perished in an orphanage fire 50 years ago. Melinda tries to help the boys pass on before the inn is destroyed and they are forever locked as earth-bound spirits.

106: Homecoming TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda helps an upset teenage ghost and in the process learns something that will affect the lives of everyone this boy left behind.

107: Hope And Mercy TV-PG (60 min)

A woman who passed away during a routine pregnancy will not cross over until she can get her husband to stop blaming himself. Andrea deals with a con artist in a very revealing manner that tells us a little more about her murky past.

108: On The Wings Of A Dove TV-PG (60 min)

The 5 year anniversary of Jim's father's death is getting close and Jim begins to act very strangely. Melinda notices this change in his behavior and believes the problem might be caused by a tortured spirit lurking around. While Melinda tries to help Jim, she is also presented with the surprise visit of an old friend. This visit brings back painful memories of times past for Melinda.

109: Voices TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda finds a mother's lost spirit through electronic voice phenomenon, and then works with the woman to reconcile with her son and help him deal with his father.

110: Ghost Bride TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda intervenes when the spirit of a woman who didn't make it through her wedding night begins terrorizing the fiancée of her husband.

111: Shadow Boxer TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda tries to reunite a father and son before a crucial decision is made.

112: Undead Comic TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda encounters the spirit of a dead comic who is confused and doesn't understand his current state of existence. Melinda leans that this comic took his own life and she helps him make amends with all those people he left behind before he passes over. Also in this episode, Jim is threatened by the antique shop's recent business boom.

113: Friendly Neighborhood Ghost TV-PG (60 min)

When a new neighbor moves in, he brings a ghost as part of his baggage and Melinda's attempts to reach the hostile and increasingly dangerous ghost lead to strain between her and Jim.

114: Last Execution TV-PG (60 min)

The spirit of a man follows Melinda home from an art gallery. This ghost haunts Melinda into getting in touch with his daughter who is having serious problems since his death. Meanwhile Jim is sued for trying to help a woman after her injury.

115: Melinda's First Ghost TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda remembers how her relationship with her Mom got strained when she re-encounters the first ghost she ever saw. When younger, Melinda's mother could not deal with her daughter's prodigious and supernatural gift. This lead to a growing rift between the two. Now Melinda must reunite with her estranged Mother to help save the spirit of this young girl.

116: Dead Man's Ridge TV-PG (60 min)

One of Andrea's friends has gone missing while on a hike. She enlists Melinda to help find her friend.

117: Demon Child TV-PG (60 min)

While shopping for antiques at a local home, Melinda encounters the spirit of a malicious young boy who is terrorizing his family. When Melinda realizes that he is putting people in harm's way she intervenes and takes on the challenge of helping this troubled child.

118: Miss Fortune TV-PG (60 min)

The circus arrives in town and brings with it the spirit of a man who thinks his brother murdered him. Melinda must help this ghost come to terms with his death and his brother.

119: Fury TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda must help the ghost of an African-American man who had been attacked and killed by a white co-worker in the 1970's. The ghost is haunting the prosecutor who had enough evidence but still failed to file charges against the white co-worker. Melinda tries to help the ghost find justice and help his son to change his racist views before they're passed on to the next generation.

120: The Vanishing TV-PG (60 min)

A head injury caused by an accident puts Melinda's abilities at risk. Melinda must deal with the possibility of permanently losing her gift as she attempts to help a young girl whose boyfriend has recently died.

121A: Free Fall TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda experiences a sense of intuition when she realizes that a plane is going to crash when the spirits of the pilot and flight attendant contact her.

121B: The One TV-PG (60 min)

Melinda meets an evil spirit while helping crash victims. Part 2 of 2.