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Rollie Tyler, a master of dangerous illusions, is one of Hollywood's most accomplished special effects artists -- known in the industry as F/X. This F/X wizard has unleashed tidal waves, staged weapons blitzkriegs and transported filmgoers through time and space. Now, he faces his most challenging assignment -- turning special effects into reality. Tyler is asked by the Justice Department to stage the fake assassination of an underworld witness. But what he doesn't know might kill him, because the most elaborate assignment of his lifetime may also be his last...and his F/X ingenuity becomes the key to his own survival. Brian Dennehy co-stars as the NYC detective who breaks every rule in the book to expose the sinister scheme he's uncovered... and then executes a startling double-cross.


Bryan Brown
as Roland 'Rollie' Tyler
Brian Dennehy
as Lt. Leo McCarthy
Diane Venora
as Ellen
Cliff DeYoung
as Lipton
Mason Adams
as Col. Mason
Jerry Orbach
as Nicholas DeFranco