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SEASON 4, EPISODE 422 - As the team members search for a recent widower, and his two teenaged kids, they attempt to determine who is responsible for the gunfire that left the missing family's living room splattered with blood. The family was last seen through their partially opened front door by neighbors who report that the visibly nervous Ted refused to let his son join a scheduled outing to a baseball game. After learning that Ted, a new gun owner, remains despondent over his wife's death and his mounting debt, the investigators consider that he may be the one who is responsible for the bloodshed and disappearance. Also under scrutiny are a loan shark who has been hounding Ted, and the delinquent boyfriend of Ted's daughter. The potential suspects and scenarios for this case seem endless to the squad members, who realize that with three missing people, there are three times as many reasons for them to have vanished.

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