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SEASON 4, EPISODE 404 - When the backpack and ID of missing college coed Skye Petersen are suddenly dropped off at a thrift store seven years after Jack--and ultimately the legal system--determined she was murdered by her married professor (JUSTIN KIRK - "Angels in America," "Weeds") with whom she'd just ended an affair, the team decides to reopen the case. Jack fears that he may have elicited a wrongful murder confession during an intense interrogation with the professor. The thrift store's grainy two-day-old security video shows Skye's belongings being left by a woman who looks remarkably like Skye. As the team reinvestigates this formerly high-profile case, Jack is especially eager to learn the truth, despite knowing that this new evidence may uncover a tragic mistake on his part that has already cost the professor seven years in prison.

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