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SEASON 4, EPISODE 420 - The team searches for Breck Mulligan, a wealthy young man who disappeared from the inner city shelter for indigent women where he had volunteered as part of his sentence for drug possession. As the agents investigate if Breck was victimized by an abusive husband of one of the shelter residents or by a pimp or drug dealer, they also ponder if Breck, a repeat drug offender, fell back into that dangerous world. Breck's powerful father, Walter (PERRY KING - "Melrose Place"), counters that his reformed son was likely kidnapped in the shelter's dicey neighborhood by someone seeking a hefty ransom. After learning that Breck's father had cut Breck off financially following his arrest, the agents also wonder what Breck did to obtain thousands of dollars from "anonymous donors" to keep the shelter open. GINA TORRES ("Alias," "24") guest stars as the shelter supervisor, Tyra Hughes.

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