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SEASON 3, EPISODE 305 - Lynette Shaw (ELIZABETH BERKLEY - "The First Wives Club," "Saved by the Bell"), the physically transformed winner of the popular surgical makeover reality show "American Goddess," disappears in the midst of a publicity event. Jack and the team soon learn that although Lynette was transformed from an average-looking restaurant bookkeeper to a stunning celebrity of sorts, she remained the fragile, insecure and lonely person she had always been. The agents attempt to identify and locate a man who left several messages on Lynette's answering machine prior to her disappearance, and they investigate the bitter "American Goddess" contestant whom Lynette inadvertently caused to be disqualified from the show. They also delve into whether or not any unstable fellow patients from the mental ward where Lynette once sought care have resurfaced and consider the possibility that the new beauty may have fallen prey to a charming yet dangerous suitor. EVAN HANDLER ("Sex and the City") guest stars as Bruce.

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