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SEASON 3, EPISODE 303 - "While searching for missing 37-year-old X-ray technician Teddy Cota, the team discovers that Teddy long believed that when he was a child, he was abducted by aliens. The missing man's pregnant ex-girlfriend explains that she ended her relationship with him after he confessed that he feared the extraterrestrials would return for him and their baby. After a friend at Teddy's alien abductees support group claims that he and Teddy had recently been trailed by two menacing ""men in black,"" it seems the team's only normal lead is from a neighbor who saw Teddy let an agitated man into his apartment the night he disappeared. Meanwhile, Jack handles the awkwardness of displacing Vivian as the team's leader, and his lawyer, Ed Felder (guest star TIMOTHY BUSFIELD), tells him that his estranged wife is planning to use his affair with Samantha to prove he's an unfit parent in their custody battle.

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