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SEASON 3, EPISODE 307 - In a continued effort to find Colleen McGrath (guest star AUDREY MARIE ANDERSON), a missing young mother who had recently been recruited as a drug mule (someone who swallows pellets of illegal substances that are wrapped in condoms or latex gloves, travels to another country and then delivers the drugs), Samantha goes undercover as a woman with similar grim financial circumstances hoping to be approached by the same drug traffickers. Soon after Samantha takes a job at the retail outlet store where Colleen worked, Danny connects the outlet store's manager to another drug mule who was killed two years earlier. After getting the manager to reveal the identity of his boss, Samantha takes a job at the plant where the drug trafficker is seeking recruits. Once there, Samantha convinces Jack to let her go deeper undercover after she is recruited to be a heroin courier.

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