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Episode 514, "Primed" Tue, Apr 22, 1|12c AM

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Tue, Apr 22, 1|12c AM

SEASON 5, EPISODE 514 - The team searches for Abby Horton, a promising young artist who secretly photographed strangers who were experiencing intense personal moments and then later painted them. As Samantha and Elena survey Abby's ransacked studio, they wonder if she could have fallen prey to someone who was outraged to discover that she had immortalized their private experience. The team soon learns from Lucas Blumenthal (PETER PAIGE - "Queer as Folk"), an art gallery owner who had opened an exhibit of Abby's paintings right before her disappearance, that Abby was recently confronted by an angry male who was depicted in one of her paintings. As the agents attempt to locate this man and another one who was reportedly fighting with Abby in an alley on the day before she went missing, they also try to identify the other potential suspects in her photographs.


Tue, Apr 22, 2|1c AM

SEASON 5, EPISODE 515 - Jack and the team search for Jason Turner, a young water plant foreman who disappears hours after his life is threatened by Earl Dooley, a longtime employee who had become enraged when Jason laid him off. Asserting his innocence, Earl tells the agents that Jason gained many enemies during recent widespread layoffs at the plant. The squad also learns that Jason was trying to reconcile with his ex-fiance, which leads them to wonder if he might have gotten between her and a new man in her life. Meanwhile, Elena continues to have custody problems with her daughter's father, Carlos (guest star JSU GARCIA), who is irate at discovering that his old friend Danny is involved with Elena.


Wed, Apr 23, 12|11c AM

SEASON 5, EPISODE 516 - Jack and the squad interrogate a suburban tourist, Rob Darcy, who claims someone kidnapped his wife from their hotel room. But although Rob appears to be completely honest, nothing he says can be verified. After traveling to Rob's home in Pennsylvania, Vivian finally discovers the surprising truth about what happened. Meanwhile, Elena faces a missing-person case that hits too close to home when her daughter is abducted. Immediately suspecting her estranged boyfriend, Carlos (guest star JSU GARCIA), Elena and the others frantically search for him and the girl.


Wed, Apr 23, 1|12c AM

SEASON 5, EPISODE 517 - When a high-profile U.S. Senator with a wealthy father goes missing, Jack and the team are forced to do their jobs under intense scrutiny from the media and the government. The Senator had told her husband she was going to an emergency meeting in Washington, but she lied--no one was expecting her there, nor did she ever make it. When no ransom note arrives after 15 hours, Jack starts considering other suspects, including political enemies, a stalker and even the Senator's husband. But the suicide of a devoted former staffer sends the team in a whole new direction. Series star ANTHONY LaPAGLIA wrote the story and co-wrote the teleplay.