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Episode 316, "Contenters" Mon, Aug 31, 9|8c AM

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Mon, Aug 31, 9|8c AM

SEASON 3, EPISODE 316 - David's friend, Ben, becomes the main suspect after the FBI learns that the victim was poisoned, and another fighter who sparred with him also died in the ring while training. David and the FBI try to find evidence to clear Ben even though they believe that he might be knocking off the competition to improve his ranking in the league. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to fulfill a promise made to Larry to enter Cal Sci's poker tournament to defend Larry's title against his longtime poker nemesis. Tito Ortiz, a former light-heavy-weight Ultimate Champion Fighter, guest stars as Tino Alva, the defending champion in the all-Out Fighting League.


Mon, Aug 31, 10|9c AM

SEASON 3, EPISODE 317 - In Don's absence, Megan takes charge and suggests that the team search through the mogul's sordid past and long list of enemies. Later, while the suspect leads the FBI on a maze through the city of Los Angeles, Charlie races against the clock to find the piece of the puzzle that will help find the kidnapper before time runs out. Meanwhile, during his meeting with his psychiatrist, Don is surprised to discover that he has control issues.


Mon, Aug 31, 11|10c AM

SEASON 3, EPISODE 318 - Charlie tries to connect a series of murders to a voter fraud conspiracy and must track down who benefits the most from the rigged elections before more people die.


Mon, Aug 31, 12|11c

SEASON 3, EPISODE 319 - When a small plane mysteriously crashes, Charlie tests the flight computer and uncovers the truth behind what brought the plane down.



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