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Episode 610, "Old Soldiers" Tue, Jul 29, 1|12c AM

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Tue, Jul 29, 1|12c AM

SEASON 6, EPISODE 610 - When the team foils a robbery of an armored car full of Federal Reserve money and recover bills that trace back to the infamous D.B. Cooper heist, they call on Agent Roger Bloom, who worked on the Cooper case, for help with the investigation.


Tue, Jul 29, 2|1c AM

SEASON 6, EPISODE 611 - Don and the team try their luck at investigating the theft of scratch-off lottery tickets, but the stakes are raised when one of the culprits killed at a botched robbery turns out to be a former lottery winner. Guest Stars Include Michael O'Neill ("Transformers," "The West Wing") as California Lottery Security Supervisor Boyd Keene; Nicole Sullivan ("Rita Rocks," "MADtv") as Eccentric Lottery Agent Nancy Hackett; and Allison Smith ("The West Wing," "Kate & Allie") as Sara Lewis, a Financial Advisor Working with Lottery Winners.


Wed, Jul 30, 1|12c AM

SEASON 6, EPISODE 612 - The team searches for a lost shipment of high-caliber firearms when one of the weapons is responsible for random killings throughout the city. Also, Charlie and Amita disagree on a wedding date while Don re-evaluates his relationship with Robin. Guest Stars Include James Remar ("Dexter," "Sex and the City") As Weapons Dealer Randall Priest, and Jon Seda ("Close to Home," "Homicide: Life on the Street") As Arms Broker Lonnie Moses. John Cariani ("Law & Order") Reprises His Role As Professor Otto "Otto-Bahn" Bahnoff.


Wed, Jul 30, 2|1c AM

SEASON 6, EPISODE 613 - The team searches for a serial killer who is targeting men who solicit prostitutes. Also, Colby and Nikki deal with the aftermath of a car crash when they have an accident during the investigation. Tony Hale ("Arrested Development," "Chuck") Reprises His Role as Eccentric Biotech Professor Russell Lazlo. Guest Stars Include Clea DuVall ("Heroes," "Carnivle") as Melanie Bailey, the Sister of a Murdered Prostitute, and Anna Camp ("True Blood") as Escort Siouxsie Dark.