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Episode 211, "Scorched" Wed, Sep 3, 1|12c AM

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Wed, Sep 3, 1|12c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 211 - When a fire destroys an SUV dealership and kills a young salesman, Don and his team are called in as there is evidence the fire could be linked to a group of radical environmentalists. With the help of Cal Sci's Professor Waldie, Charlie is able to "fireprint" the fire which helps the FBI determine who is responsible.


Wed, Sep 3, 2|1c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 212 - When Don and his team are called to the murder scene of a Los Angeles gang member, they learn that it is a fellow agent who had been working undercover. Without exposing the agent's cover, Don must investigate his murder by a rival gang and try to crack the gangs' leadership and territories to find the suspect. But the agents are surprised when they learn who is responsible for the source of the rivalry. Will Patton ("The Agency") guest stars as LAPD Lieutenant Gary Walker, who is in charge of LAPD's Gang Impact Team.


Thu, Sep 4, 1|12c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 213 - When the FBI is called to investigate a murder at a Los Angeles card club, it leads Don and his agents to unravel a complicated card counting scheme involving a group of college students whose lives may now be at risk. Professional poker player Annie Duke guest stars as a blackjack dealer in the Los Angeles card club.


Thu, Sep 4, 2|1c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 214 - An anonymous tip leads Don and David to the basement of a hotel in Los Angeles' garment district where they uncover a bloody scene and a traumatized young girl from India. Sensing the girl's connection with Amita, Megan recruits her to help get information out of the girl who is too terrified to speak. When the agents learn that she was selling one of her kidneys on the black market and witnessed one girl's death, the agents must act quickly to find her missing sister and a fourth girl involved in the trafficking ring before it is too late.