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Episode 401, "Trust Metric" Mon, Jul 6, 9|8c AM

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Mon, Jul 6, 9|8c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 401 - Agent Colby Granger lands in prison after the discovery that he was a mole within the FBI, but he escapes, and its up to Don and his team to track him down and uncover the truth. Val Kilmer ("Dj Vu," "Top Gun" and "True Romance,") Guest Stars As Mason Lancer, The Mastermind Behind Events That Exposed Colby as a Mole.


Mon, Jul 6, 10|9c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 402 - Don and his team are thrown into the world of a hollywood entourage when an up and coming actor is implicated in the murder of a young woman. Aaron Stanford ("X-Men") Guest Stars As Up And Coming Actor Brett Chandler


Mon, Jul 6, 11|10c AM

SEASON 4, EPISODE 403 - Charlies precise analysis reveals theres more to a speeding car crash that leaves one person dead and many injured.


Mon, Jul 6, 12|11c

SEASON 4, EPISODE 404 - After recognizing numerological patterns in the Bible verses that the killer leaves behind, Don and his team are able to track the killer's movements but are one step behind when a gripping twist brings the chase to an end.



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