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Episode 209, "Shandeh" Fri, Aug 22, 7|6c

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Fri, Aug 22, 7|6c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 209 - The wife of an orthodox Jewish man with a secret life is brutally murdered, and the socially conscious familys reputation is at stake.


Fri, Aug 22, 8|7c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 210 - A family member who was brainwashed by a cult kills a scam artist and his son, and the detectives attempt to hold the groups leader responsible.


Fri, Aug 22, 9|8c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 211 - An airport baggage supervisor is killed when her car stalls; her abusive co-workers are investigated for the crime.


Fri, Aug 22, 10|9c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 212 - The owner of one of the citys most elegant hotels is killed, and her daughter is the prime suspect.