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Episode 510, "Dollhouse" Fri, Feb 13, 6|5c

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Fri, Feb 13, 6|5c

SEASON 5, EPISODE 510 - A woman bribing lovers with baby photos to imply paternity gets in over her head.


Fri, Feb 13, 7|6c

SEASON 5, EPISODE 511 - A gypsy group of con artists posing as real estate agents prey on wealthy newcomers in town.


Fri, Feb 13, 8|7c

SEASON 5, EPISODE 512 - A womans body falls from the wheel well of an airplane. Brad Renfro and Ethan Embry guest-star.


Fri, Feb 13, 9|8c

SEASON 5, EPISODE 513 - A rich mogul's son is killed, and all eyes are on his much younger, very ambitious Chinese wife.