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Episode 114, "Homo Homini Lupus" Sat, Dec 27, 1|12c

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Sat, Dec 27, 1|12c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 114 - A financier owes money to a loan shark, who arranges for his family to be kidnapped when he doesn't pay up.


Sat, Dec 27, 2|1c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 115 - A judge up for an Appellate Court appointment has to deal with the death of his mistress, and the threat to his career.


Sat, Dec 27, 3|2c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 116 - A man just released from prision is murdered, and the suspect is a man leading a double life.


Sat, Dec 27, 4|3c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 117 - A serial killer enlists the help of an accomplice to commit a copycat crime while he's in prison to try and exonerate him.