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Episode 209, "The Perfect Family"
Tonight 11|10c

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Tonight 11|10c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 209 - A young couple kidnaps back their own baby a month after the young mother gave the child up for adoption. The unstable bio-dad has just reentered the mother's life, and convinced her that she needs to get the baby back at all costs, so they can become "the perfect family". The couple unexpectedly shows up at the adoptive parents door. The adoptive father becomes annoyed. The biological father soon becomes violent with the adoptive one. Then the couple kidnaps the baby and flees in the victim's vehicle. The SRU team is called in to track down the perfect family, and stop the unstable father from harming the baby, his wife or himself.


Tonight 12|11c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 210 - A computer engineer working at a bank is talked into robbing the bank electronically for his low life brother. What he does not know is that his young, pregnant wife has been taken hostage by a brutal gang - and they are threatening to kill her and the unborn baby on camera, if he does not transfer a half a million dollars into their account. Our team intervenes - and saves the expectant wife, while successfully stopping the robbery.


Tonight 1|12c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 205 - The SRU team is called to the business district in order to diffuse the situation of three hard working men who, having lost everything in a mortgage scheme, take the CEO of the mortgage company hostage to force a televised confession. Not only do the troika threaten to execute the CEO, one of them wants to turn himself into a human torch and burn down a media center as well. With Jules in recovery from being shot in ep. 113, the team reluctantly looks at recruits to replace her. They become impressed by the skills of a female recruit, Donna Sabine. But Parker shows apprehensions, before accepting her.


Tonight 2|1c AM

SEASON 2, EPISODE 206 - When an upper-class household is rocked by what appears to be a home invasion robbery gone bad, the SRU team is called in to save the parents and their two children; Parker and the team soon discover that the family's nanny, Irina, was compliant in the robbery, and the lead hostage-taker turns out to be Irinas boyfriend. When Irina realizes her boyfriends true intentions, for the sake of the children, she begins cooperating with the SRU team, while simultaneously appearing loyal to her lover. The father is killed by gunfire.