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Today 2|1c

SEASON 9, EPISODE 918 - When a grave with three unidentified bodies is found in a forest preserve, the BAU is called in to investigate. The victims are covered in bite marks and show evidence of being held captive before they were killed. The M.E. report reveals two of the victims suffered from both animal and human bite marks. Reid suspects the UnSub infected them with the Rabies virus via the first victim, an animal control employee who was the only one not bitten by a human. Their profile of the UnSub notes his obsession with Rabies and watching his victims suffer from the virus. As two more locals are reported missing, Garcia uncovers a report from fifteen years ago of a nine year old boy, Hunter, who was bitten by a bat on a family camping trip. They hone in on his older brother David, a pest control employee, and raid his house to find tape recordings of Hunter suffering in the hospital. The absence of Hunters death certificate leads them to believe his parents euthanized him to put him out his misery. After the team is alerted to a crazed woman attacking patrons of a coffee shop, they head there to apprehend her and locate an abandoned animal shelter nearby which turns out to be Davids infection lab. The team takes him down and is able to save one of his would be victims.


Today 3|2c

SEASON 9, EPISODE 919 - After the BAU closes a case, Morgan visits one of the survivors, Daria, at a mental institution for answers to complete his report of the investigation. In a series of flashbacks, we see that the team was called to Upstate New York after three victims are found stabbed to death and displayed in various locations. JJ determines they are looking for a pair of UnSubs and Reid analyzes the wounds to find the same meticulous pattern on each body, all created by an ice pick. When Daria manages to escape her captor and is found in an amnesic state, the team has difficulty questioning her. A break in the case occurs when Darias sister comes forward to reveal the partial license plate of the man last seen with Daria. They identify the man as Joe Bachner and learn he had an alcoholic aunt who tortured him with bee stings as a child. Joes M.O. mirrored his childhood suffering. Daria remembers the name of the other UnSub, Coby, but the OCD nature of the crimes does not match his behavior. The team locates Joes hideout and finds Darias fingerprints on the ice pick. Her OCD behavior in the hospital confirms she was Joes partner, and the team discerns that Daria was first seduced by him, then forced to participate in his killings. As a coping method, she blocked out her memory. In the present day, Daria admits to Morgan that she became a willing participant in the murders and in the next moment forgets she was Joes partner. Knowing that she can only plead insanity at this point, Morgan breaks the news to Darias distraught sister.


Today 4|3c

SEASON 9, EPISODE 920 - The BAU is alerted to the death of two victims who were out hunting in a backwoods community. Researching the victims reveals that their families, the Lees and the Howards, were at odds. Their feud stemmed from the two families competing against each other in the moonshine business and now in the concocting and selling of bio-fuel. When Cissy, one of the members of the Howard family, goes missing, the team looks into her past to uncover that she was born into the Lee family. She and her brother Malachi were romantically involved and kept their baby a secret from the family by pretending she had run away. An Appalachian woman was the only witness to their secret and offered to help Cissy after she was abandoned by Malachi. Without money and resources, Cissy took the woman's help in exchange for her baby and later married into the Howard family. The team puts the pieces together to determine the child grew up to be the UnSub now out for revenge against his biological mother. After battling through a booby-trapped path to the shack that he was conceived in, the BAU saves Cissy before he is able to kill her. The team believes to have shot and killed the UnSub as he went into the lake, but after they close the case we see he has made it out alive.


Today 5|4c

SEASON 9, EPISODE 921 - The BAU is alerted to three abductions in Mecklinburg, Tennessee by an UnSub wearing a pig mask. Since two of the victims have ties to Mecklinburg State's football team, the team looks into the school's history to find that pig masks were worn by the Beta Sigma Delta fraternity. The fraternity was shut down after a pledge drunkenly fell from a building and died at a party one year ago. After one of the victims, Trevor, turns up having been sodomized and forced to drink acid, the team suspects the UnSub is taking revenge upon those responsible for the pledge's death. However, their theory changes when an attendee from the party reveals that two upperclassmen brought a girl down to the basement that night. They discover that a girl from the party, Lauryn, has been in a coma from a heart attack and brain damage caused by hypothermia and alcohol poisoning. Her sister, Sheila, recently signed the paperwork to disconnect life support. Evidence from Sheila's apartment leads to the discovery that Lauryn had rough sex with three partners that night, and the doctor treating her first reported it as possible rape but changed the report to deem it was consensual sex. The doctor confesses he was pressured by a booster of the football team who wanted to protect the quarterback involved. Trevor and the quarterback raped Lauryn and forced her to drink until she passed out. The BAU locates Sheila to find she has killed the booster, but they stop her from killing the girl who abandoned Lauryn that night. Sheila explains her guilt about letting Lauryn go to the party and the team vows to bring justice for her death.