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Episode 707, "There's No Place Like Home" Today 2|1c

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Today 2|1c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 707 - When a series of late season tornadoes hits Kansas, the BAU is called in to investigate the bodies of several young teenage males that have turned up in the aftermath of the storms. The victims were all killed by a blow to the head before having several of their limbs posthumously removed. They were then placed in the path of the coming storm. As the weather intensifies, the team learns that the UnSub lost his brother in a tornado and appears to be harvesting the body parts of young men in order to re-build him.


Today 3|2c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 708 - Seven years after the abduction of her little girl, grieving mother Monica is kidnapped by the very same UnSub. Because Garcia is friends with Monica and was the last person to see her before she was taken, the BAU is able to get a head start on the case. But while Monica willingly follows the UnSub into his lair in the hopes of recovering her daughter, our team learns that it was likely the little girls death that triggered the UnSubs recent escalation.


Today 4|3c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 709 - When a small group of troubled youths stage a mass suicide at a military academy, the BAU investigates the true nature of the deaths. Because five of the suicides occurred during an unsupervised wilderness expedition that originally had six participants, the team quickly realizes that the missing boy holds the key. And when the headmaster starts acting more elusive as the search continues, it becomes apparent that someone at the school is hiding a dark secret.


Today 5|4c

SEASON 7, EPISODE 710 - After two men are found bludgeoned to death in an alley, the team flies to Philadelphia in search of a particularly brutal UnSub. Triggered by the imminent death of his terminally ill child, the killer an amateur boxer with a history of losing has been enveloped by an all-encompassing blood lust. As the window between kills starts to shrink, the BAU begins to run out of time.