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SEASON 1, EPISODE 104 - When Caroline Bayes (Isabella Hofmann), a woman suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, experiences flashbacks about the 1990 murder of her husband, Rush reopens the file. During her investigation, Rush finds something amiss with the murder scene when she discovers that the body of the victim, Mitchell "Mitch" Bayes (John Walcutt), a church organist, was found in an alley amidst a pile of clothing, crack vials and pornographic magazines. Rush later learns that Mitch was allegedly having an affair with Judy Enright (Kerrie Keane), a fellow church member who placed a call to his home on the evening of his death. When Rush questions Judy about the night of the murder, Rush soon finds a trail leading to the woman's jealous husband or someone in Mitch's own family.

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