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Episode 508, "It Takes A Village" Fri, May 1, 1|12c

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SEASON 3, EPISODE 305 - Rush reopens a case involving an elderly woman who died of natural causes but had been using the identity of another woman who disappeared in 1954. The team searches for clues to find out what happened to the woman whose identity was stolen. The missing woman's son, Otis Petrowski (Jake Johnson, 1954; Al Pugliese, 2005), last saw his mother when he was 9 years old and visited her at a local mental institution where she had been committed after being diagnosed as bipolar. When Rush interviews former patients and staff from the facility, she gets a disturbing picture of the way mental patients were treated in the 1950s, as well as how easily women were "diagnosed" as mentally ill. Golden Globe Award winner Diane Ladd ("Alice") guest stars as Zelda.

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