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SEASON 3, EPISODE 308 - Prisoner of war (POW) identification tags found in an abandoned drug house lead Rush and the team to reopen the 1972 shooting of Carl Burton (John Allsopp), a former Vietnam POW. Rush learns from Carl's wife, Janet (Whitney Allen, 1972 - "Oz"; Brynn Thayer, 2005 - "Matlock"), that he was having trouble adjusting to being home after fighting in Vietnam. When the detectives question Carl and Janet's son, Ned (Skyler Gisondo, 1972; Christopher Cousins, 2005), who was 7 years old when Carl was murdered, they learn that Janet had been having an affair while Carl was away at war. Ken Westin (Larry Dorf, 1972; Michael Mantell, 2005), Janet's boyfriend at the time, tells Rush that he suspects Daniel (Michael Welch, 1972 - "Joan of Arcadia"; William R. MoseS, 2005 - "Jane Doe" telefilms, "Falcon Crest"), a local teenager, might have killed Carl. Daniel, the son of a fellow POW, had been pestering Carl about Daniel's father and wondering why Carl had returned home, but Daniel's dad hadn't.

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