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Episode 604, "Roller Girl" Fri, May 8, 1|12c

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SEASON 3, EPISODE 302 - Rush discovers a photo of Laurie (Lindsay Hollister), a reclusive, overweight college freshman, who died in a fraternity house fire. The picture, e-mailed from Laurie's cell phone just before she died, shows the young woman being held down and forced to drink alcohol. Although her death was ruled an "accident," the haunting image inspires Rush to reopen the case. On the night she died, Laurie attended a party at the frat house where her best friend was pledging. The party was led by a fraternity leader who loved to humiliate overweight female students to entertain members. Rush is able to identify one of the people in the photo, and the team searches for the only person who might have witnessed Laurie's death.

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