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SEASON 2, EPISODE 223 - Rush and Valens investigate the discovery of nine human skulls buried in a residential backyard. The house has remained vacant since 1972, when 33-year-old Simone Marks (Karina Logue), who was later murdered, shared the home with her 12-year-old boy, George (Nick Price "Because of Winn-Dixie" as 1972 character and John Billingsley - "Enterprise" as present-day character). Since Simone's murder was never solved, Rush and Valens reopen the homicide. Months ago, Rush and the detectives worked on a case where nine headless human remains were uncovered in a wildlife preserve (#177759 "Mind Hunters"), and their investigation led them to the grown-up George Marks. Though convinced that George was a serial killer, the detectives were unable to arrest him due to lack of evidence. Now, George emerges from hiding to challenge Rush again. This time, their lives are at stake in a final showdown.

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