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SEASON 2, EPISODE 222 - When an old truck containing human bones is pulled from the Delaware River, Rush and Valens reopen a 1932 missing persons case. The detectives link the truck and its contents to a former prohibition era bootlegger and learn that the bones may belong to his sister, Rose (Samantha StreetS as 1932 character and Golden Globe Award winneR Piper Laurie - "Twin Peaks," "Carrie" as present-day character), who unexpectedly went missing with the truck. Rush discovers that Rose befriended Billie (Tessa Thompson as 1932 character), a black girl who dressed and behaved like a man. When forensic testing confirms the bones are not Rose's, Valens tracks Rose down and learns of her controversial relationship with Billie, which alienated several people, including Billie's ex-lover, Georgie (Lakeiya Payne as 1932 character and Marla Gibbs - "The Jeffersons" as present-day character), who always believed that Rose and Billie were more than friends.

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