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Episode 112, "Glued" Tonight 10|9c

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Tonight 10|9c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 112 - Lieutenant Stillman asks Rush to investigate the 1980 unsolved murder of an 8-year-old boy. Stillman worked the case and is still haunted by it. Initially, the team focuses on a local thug who quickly moved away after the killing. Then the victim's mother becomes a suspect. The detectives question a former neighborhood priest, who is now retired, and realize the priest heard the killer's confession but refuses to divulge the identity. Rush concocts a scheme to get the murderer, a former drugstore clerk who is now a successful businessman, to confess.


Tonight 11|10c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 113 - Rush confronts her oldest murder case yet when Sarah Tucker (Leslie Silva), the 40-year-old granddaughter of Sadie Douglas (Meta Golding), a black woman who was murdered in 1939, provides letters Sadie wrote to Sarah's mother, at one point seeming to implicate a milkman. Among the fragile, yellowing case files from the period, Rush finds a train ticket dated the night of the killing and begins to track down Sadie's surviving friends. She also learns that two milkmen who delivered to the boarding house where Sadie lived belonged to a white supremacist group and had threatened her. But when Rush finally finds one of the milkmen, now a feeble 90-year-old living in Queens, New York, she discovers the truth of what happened that night six decades ago is much more shocking than anyone imagined.


Tonight 12|11c AM

SEASON 1, EPISODE 114 - Rush and Valens reopen the unsolved killing of Arnold Collier (Lyndon Smith), a 6-year-old orphan who died in an empty field in 1958. The former orphanage where Arnold lived now operates as a day care center. The two detectives interview several nuns who still work in the building. The investigative team locates the boy's now-adult sister, Gretchen (Molly Cheek), who was sent to the orphanage with her brother when their parents died in a car accident. After further investigation, Rush and Valens realize that Arnold's records were falsified, and they soon discover that the identity of Arnold's mother could lead to the killer.


Tomorrow 10|9c

SEASON 1, EPISODE 115 - In 1978, fire destroyed a disco, and 23 people died. The partial remains of a body were recently found six feet underneath the building site--in the former VIP room. The victim died of a gunshot wound to the head. Rush and Valens realize the blaze didn't kill the victim and believe that the fire was probably set in order to conceal this murder. Through scientific forensic testing, the dead man is identified as Benny Rosen (Conor Dubin), a disco fanatic and possible cocaine dealer. Rush and Valens delve into the drug and sex-filled world of the disco scene. Though the killing first appears to be drug-related, then a crime of passion, Rush and Valens ultimately discover that an unlikely suspect is responsible for Rosen's murder and the 22 others.