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Episode 201, "The Badlands" Tonight 6|5c

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Tonight 6|5c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 201 - Smart, driven Detective Lilly Rush (series star Kathryn Morris), the lone female detective in the Philadelphia homicide squad, works on "cold cases"--crimes that have never been solved. She reopens dormant, unsolved homicides that occurred years or even decades ago. Previously, Rush had used her instinctive understanding of the criminal mind to crack current murder cases. Now, this experienced detective is intrigued by new challenges, such as interrogating witnesses to old crimes whose lives and circumstances have since changed, making use of today's new science and finding fresh clues to cases once thought unsolvable. At the same time, she is prepared for certain consequences, namely that her work will open old wounds and may lead suspects to commit new crimes.


Tonight 7|6c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 202 - A 60-year reunion of World War II female factory workers stirs up memories of a mysterious death. A friend of the deceased confides to Rush that the death is not what it appears to be and begs her to dig deeper into the case. After several interviews, Rush soon discovers that the women were not as innocent as they seemed in 1943, and she must comb through a web of lies to track the real motive and killer.


Tonight 8|7c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 203 - After receiving a home movie in which a young woman is apparently shot and killed, Rush and Valens reopen a 1979 unsolved "Jane Doe" murder case. As they investigate, the detectives learn that the victim, Daniela (Onahoua Rodriguez), a teenage runaway who panhandled in a rough part of town, was picked up by a couple of teenage boys who made the home movie using her as their star. However, the now-adult boys tell Rush the incident wasn't real--it was an act, and Rush and Valens must figure out what happened to the vibrant 19-year-old who was never seen again.


Tonight 9|8c

SEASON 2, EPISODE 204 - In 1968, legendary singer Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison concert was broadcast to millions of inmates across the U.S. That night in a Philadelphia prison, during a melee following the broadcast, an inmate was murdered, and his body was believed hidden in the prison. Rush and the team reopen the case when human bones are found at the now-closed facility. But after discovering that the remains don't belong to the murdered inmate, the detectives begin a new search for the truth of what happened 36 years ago.